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21th Occupational Science Seminar in Osaka
Theme: Origin regression to link Occupational Science to clinical –Question Occupational Being-

Date: December 9 and 10,2017
Place: Osaka River-side Hotel (Osaka, Japan)
Support: Osaka Association of Occupational Therapists
<Seminar fee>
[2days] Member JPY7,000 Non member JPY 10,000 Student JPY 3,000
[1day] Member JPY 5,000 Non member JPY 7,000 Student JPY 3,000

Same day registration
[2days] Member JPY 9,000 Non member JPY 12,000 Student JPY 3,000
[1day] Member JPY 6,000 Non member JPY 8,000 Student JPY 3,000
Congress Party JPY 5,000

<Program>  ※Program contents and time may be changed
[Day1 (December 9)]
09:15~10:00 Receptionist
10:00~10:30 Opening ceremony
10:30~12:00 Sato Tsuyoshi Memorial lecture
  Lecturer: Peter Bontje (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
  Theme: Occupying daily life: Invoking the powers of Occupation
12:00~13:50 Lunch
13:50~15:20 Keynote lecture
  Lecturer: Sarah Kantartzis(Queen Margaret University)
  Theme: Perspectives on occupation-based social inclusion
15:20~15:30 Break
15:30~16:30 Dictation Presentation
16:30~16:40 Break
16:40~18:10 Special lecture
Lecturer: Suimei Morikawa
  Theme: Do not decide your own things without yourself
  -Life style learned from “Open Dialogue”-
18:30~20:00 Congress Party

[Day2 (December 10) ]
08:30~09:00 Receptionist
09:00~10:30 Poster presentation
10:30~10:40 Break
10:40~12:00 Basic Course
  Lecturer: Hiromi Yoshikawa (Prefectural University of Hiroshima)
  Theme: The basic course of Occupational science
12:00~13:00 Lunch
13:00~14:40 Workshop
  Utilization of knowledge of “Occupational being”
14:40~15:00 Closing ceremony

<How to Register>
Pre-registration only
Registration is available until October 31.
For registration, please send E-mail to with the following information.
Submission deadline is until October 31.

1. Name
2. Affiliation
3. E-mail Address
4. Telephone number
5. Which registration to make (Member or Not? Whole seminar or One day?)
6. Attend Congress Party?(Yes/No)
7. Whether or not you would like to order a lunch box on Day.(One day:1,000\)(Not or 1day or 2days)

<How to submit presentation>
If you want to submit a paper to present at the seminar, please contact us at
Submission deadline is until July 31.

17th Occupational Science Seminar

Date: 30 November,2013 - 1 December

Place: Koriyama Yracs Atami (Fukushima)

Support:Koriyama Convention Bureau


【Day 1】

8:30 〜    Reception
9:00 〜 9:10  Opening ceremony
9:15 〜 10:45  Special Lecture
          Speaker: Yoshikazu KIDA
11:00 〜 12:00  Presentation Session (oral)
         【3 presentations;20min.each】
12:00 〜 13:30  Lunch
13:30 〜 14:30  Presentation Session (Poster)
14:45 〜 16:15  Workshop
16:30 〜 18:00  Keynote lecture
           Speaker: Helene J Polatajko
19:30 〜      Get-together Party

【Day 2】
8:30 〜  Reception
9:30 〜 10:30  Presentation Session (Oral)
          【3 presentations;20min.each】
10:45 〜 12:15  SATO Tsuyoshi Memorial Lecture
          Speaker: Sawako SAITO
12:15 〜 12:30  Closing Ceremony


Seminar Fee:

Member, pre-registration 6,000円
Member, same day registration 7,000円       
Non member, pre-registration 8,000円
Non member, same day registration 9,000円
Student  2,000円
Attend one day 4,000円

Gala dinner : Date : 30 November
      Fee : pre-registration 5,000円,


square How to Register square

Registration is available until October 31.

For registration, plese send an email to with the following information ;

1. Name
2. Affiliation
3. Address
4. Telephone number
5.Which registration to make (Member or not? whole seminar or one day?)
6. Attend Gala dinner? (Yes/No)
7. Whether or not you would like to order a lunch box on Day 1(1,000 yen)

square How to submit presentation square 

If you want to submit a paper to present at the semiar, please contact us at



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