JSSO Membership

  Activities of JSSO include the following:
 square Occupational Science Seminar (once a year)
 square Publication of JSSO Newletter (twice a year)
 square Publication of the Japanese Journal of Occupational Science (once a   year) 
 square Delivery of occupational science related information via the website   and mailing list
 square Facilitates the exchange of occupational science related information

Individuals with an interest in occupational science and advocate the interests of JSSO are eligible for membership. (Students are also eligible)


Means of Registrations

Membership registration is accepted online via the online registration system.

(Available in Japanese only)

For those unable to complete the online registration, registration is accepted via fax or by mail. Send completed registration for to the JSSO secretariat via fax or by mail.

(Available in Japanese only)

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NOTE: JSSO Secretariat communications with JSSO members are primarily E-mail based. Please make sure that an E-mail address is provided in the membership registration.


Membership Dues

JSSO membership is 2,000 per year.
(No admission fee is required)

Following membership registration (online or fax), payment should be made to the following account.

Japan Post Bank

<Payment from your Japan Post Bank account>
Account Number : 19010-39719941
Account Name : Nihon Sagyou Kagaku Kenkyukai

<Payment from other bank's account>
Branch name : 908
Account number : 3971994

NOTE: The fiscal year for JSSO begins on July 1st and ends on June 30th.

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